Thursday, January 17, 2008

Intelligent Design? Not this universe.

Some may say to you that this universe has been intelligently designed, that life is far to complex for it to arise and evolve on it's own, well now you can say bull shit you r-tard. If one were to look at life carefully, which many do (They are reffered to as "Biologists" for those of you unaware) one might see numerous glaring flaws in the make up of complex life forms. Little things like the blind spot in the human eye and the appendix would make any moderately intelligent engineer cringe, so to call it intelligent is erroneous. I stumbled across a short article entitled "Unintelligent Design" The article is pretty good despite the authors digression at the end, speculating on a universe that was still created then subsequently left to its own devices never to be interfered with again. The problem with this mentality is that it's still a huge leap, to go from no information on how the universe got here to having the answer. How can one deduce an answer with no information on the subject? The fact of the matter is we may never know. The universe is unimagineably old and so enormous that humanity itself may die out without ever answering any of the fundamental questions, such as How did we get here? Are there other intelligent life forms in the universe? and the all to classic Why are we here?

Some people don't like the idea of having those questions roaming free and wreaking havoc among society, encouraging people to ask questions and think for themselves, so they wrap it up in a neat little package and slap a giant cross on the box. The only practice that we know of that has given us an active understanding of the universe and ourselves is science. It has proven itself to us time and time again that it works. It may not always be right, but when it's not at least it fesses up to its mistakes, and that is an admirable trait to have where as religion claims to always be right. I don't know about you, but when someone tells me that they are always right, my first thought is always 'liar'


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