Monday, January 14, 2008

Eerie Lights Spotted Over Lake Erie

Wired posted an article this week about UFO sightings over Lake Erie. Apparently the lake has become somewhat of a nutjob, er I mean, UFO hot spot over the last couple of years. The local ufologist Aaron Clark thinks that there is some kind of UFO base at the bottom of the lake. The video evidence was shot by some musician named Michael Lee Hill. Hill becomes so excited over the sight of three barley moving lights in the night sky, that he nearly creams his pants when one of the lights disappears! He is quoted in the article as saying: "I think they're absolutely sending us a message. I believe they are here to help us become a galactic society."

Clearly what we are seeing here are not Aliens trying to recruit us to their galactic society. The lights are more likely airplanes (as pointed out in the article) or satellites. The reason one disappears is probably because a cloud moved in front of it.

If aliens had the technology to travel billions of light years to come here, they would probably have thought of a better way to communicate with us than by creating triangular shapes in the sky. Perhaps they would draw circular patterns in our crops, or mutilate our cattle? You know, something we might understand...

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Aaron Clark said...

Actually, I never said there was a base under Lake Erie. I don't think there's evidence for that. The press often misquotes people. I may have said that some people believe there is a base.
Anyway, why do you people waste your time trying to prove UFO researchers wrong if you're so sure that they're wrong? I mean, if it's obvious then why put so much energy into it?