Friday, February 8, 2008

Jabba the Hutt Snaps a Photo of Henry VIII

Some British woman who bares a striking resemblance to a favorite Star Wars villain, claims that she has a photo of the ghost of Henry VIII.

Her story goes as such. Anne Lambert, a nail technician (what?) was spending the night at some place called Samlesbury Hall. She was alone in a dark room when she felt some kind of presence. She pulled out her cell phone and started snapping photo's of the darkness.

"I thought, there's something there. I was taking different photos around the room. It was pitch darkness. I was on my own. I thought, if there's something there it will come up on the film."

It wasn't until she got home that she realized the photo's she had taken, were of none other than the ghost of Henry VIII!

I've been looking at this photo now for ten minutes, and I still can't figure out where exactly she is seeing Henry VIII. Not only does the photo look nothing like the former King of England, but it doesn't even look like a person!

The photo was taken with a cell phone camera, which have very low resolutions and crappy lenses, so the photos always look like crap, especially in the dark. This is typical of pictures of things like Bigfoot, UFOs and Ghosts. Probably because if the quality had been any better, it would be obvious what the picture was actually of. In this case Henry VIII is probably nothing more than a smudge on the lens. Quit touching the lens with your greasy fingers!

This woman is clearly looking for her fifteen minutes of fame. Lets only give her one.